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Vila Viva

In 2012, the Institute developed the Vila Viva [Live Village] Project, at the Jardim Guatambu community, in Tatuquara neighborhood, in Curitiba – PR. The project aimed to promote community development, through the implementation of workshops, proposing themes focused on sustainability, health and self-esteem. Among the workshops, the following stand out: cleaning efforts, art on sidewalks, model houses, tree planting, cooking and zero food waste, homemade soap, motivational lectures, lectures on the environment, among others. During Vila Viva Project, the following actions were developed:

Donate Blood

Held in 2014, the action included lectures to help encourage blood donation, due to the great demand arising from blood banks shortages.

Winter clothing campaign

Held in 2014, this action aimed to collect warm clothes for people in vulnerable situation, suffering from the low temperatures in Curitiba.

Solidary Christmas

This action took place from 2012 to 2018, always in December, with funds from the Institute and partners at CMEI Moradias da Ordem nursery, in Tatuquara neighborhood, in Curitiba, and consisted of holding a Christmas party delivering gifts to children.