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The Buko Kaesemodel Institute

The Buko Kaesemodel Institute is a non-profit society aimed at promoting beneficent actions related to social assistance, health, education and environment. Our vision of the future is to contribute to the construction of a less unequal society, enabling the improvement of the quality of people's lives, based on respect for life, solidarity and ethics. We work to provide community support and social inclusion through projects developed in various social areas, such as:

Social Assistance




We work to provide support and social inclusion to the community through the projects developed, promoting more respect and equality in society.

“The support for social projects has always been present in the Kaesemodel family with the premise of offering opportunities to people who live in vulnerable conditions, by creating opportunities for healthy practices, self-esteem, and improvement of family conditions in communities in general.

In 2007, we created the Lico Kaesemodel Institute, which in 2021 was renamed Buko Kaesemodel Institute. The creation of the institute came to solidify all the work that the family had already developed over several generations. One of our strongest programs is “Eu Digo X” [“I Say X”], which grows more robust each year, aggregating partners and becoming well-known. Today, the Buko institute Kaesemodel believes in the importance of sowing for the future, supporting scientific research on Fragile X Syndrome and Autism, giving opportunities for diagnosis and knowledge about Fragile X Syndrome and establishing partnerships with foundations and institutes, aiming at a more egalitarian country.”

Buko Kaesemodel

Our story

Our story began in 2007, when businessman Orlando (Buko) Kaesemodel Filho founded the Instituto Lico Kaesemodel, with the objective of providing support and social inclusion to communities through various projects. The creation of the institute was a way to carry out all the social work that the Kaesemodel family had already been developing over several generations.

In 2021, as a way of honoring our president and sponsor, who always encouraged all of our actions, the then Lico Kaesemodel Institute, had its name changed into Instituto Buko Kaesemodel, without altering its

guidelines, research or staff.

In all these years of history, the institute carried out several actions in benefit of society, mainly with the idealization of the Eu Digo X [“I Say X”] Program, working every year on a larger scale, getting increasingly more robust.



Beginning of the United Hands Project


Creation of the Vila Viva [Live Village] Project


1st Parana State Awareness Meeting on Fragile X Syndrome


1st Advertising Campaign for Eu Digo X Program with singer Daniel


Signing of the Cooperation Protocol with FEPE (Ecumenic Foundation for the Protection of People with Special Needs)


Achievement of the COMTIBA Certification


Signing of the Research Protocol with PUCPR


2nd place receptor of the DOM Fleury Award


Implementation of the partnership with DB Laboratories


The 4th Parana State Awareness Meeting on Fragile X Syndrome and Autism was held with the participation of Dr. Randi Hagerman


Name change to Buko Kaesemodel Institute


Adaptation to online service due to the pandemic.


Expansion of the Well-Being Project with the inclusion of new activities.

Our Pillars


Develop, execute and sponsor social assistance and culture in a free, continuous and planned way.


To be a reference in the transmission of knowledge and information, being recognized for the success of the implemented projects, motivating and conquering new partners.


Social Responsibility, Ethics, Inclusion, Morality, Citizenship, Legality, Efficiency.

Our team

Rafaela Kaesemodel

Vice president

Graduated in Business Administration with emphasis in Foreign Trade at Positivo University.

Sabrina P. Muggiati

Creator of the Eu Digo X Program

Businesswoman and mother of a teenager with Fragile X Syndrome (Jorge, the reason for our existence).

Luz María Romero


Graduated in Psychology from the Technological Institute of Sonora, Mexico. Post-graduated in Collective Health and a Trained Coach at Positivo University.

Maria de Lourdes Mysczak

Administrative assistant

Accounting Technician and Entrepreneur

Gabriela Cristina Carvalho Santos

Project coordinator

Graduated in Biomedicine with a qualification in Clinical Pathology from Faculdades Pequeno Príncipe and postgraduate student in Gene Therapy from Albert Einstein.

Ítala Fabiana Santos do Nascimento

Wellbeing Project Coordinator

Graduated in Psychology from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) and in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR)

Awards and Certifications


The Buko Kaesemodel Institute operates within all of the LGPD (General Law for Data Protection) premises, implementing processes for dealing with personal data of registered families to ensure everyone’s safety.


COMTIBA certification

Curitiba’s City Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents – COMTIBA – is a deliberative and supervisory body that works to defend the rights of children and adolescents, and also regulates and supervises the execution of actions and initiatives that involve juvenile population. Buko Kaesemodel Institute is proud to be an institution certified by the COMTIBA, a fact that underscores our commitment and seriousness in the work performed.


Fleury Award 2018

Buko Kaesemodel Institute participated in Grupo Fleury’s DOM Project, which trains NGOs that work in health or that have a project in the sector aimed at promoting health and well-being, and won 2nd place.


Activities Report

Find out about all the activities carried out by the Buko Kaesemodel Institute every year.

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