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Buko Kaesemodel  Institute

We have been dedicating our efforts on support and social inclusion projects for over 15 years.

Since 2007, we have worked to provide support and social inclusion in the community through the projects carried out.

We help social transformation and change the lives of countless families.

“Eu Digo X” Program

Research and awareness

Live Village

Hands together

Be part of the change

You and your business can contribute to our projects so that we keep
promoting better lives for children and their families.

The idea of creating social institutes linked to companies arose from the coexistence with the communities where they are located. The beginning of the Institute was through small projects and specific actions. With that, we saw the possibility of providing support and social inclusion to the community. Nowadays, out of a range of various
Activities, IBK opted for specifics actions such as publicity, diagnosis and research on Fragile X Syndrome.

Buko KaesemodelBusinessperson

Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are very complex neurological conditions that require a lot of attention and also great preparation from parents and society. For this reason, we are developing, in partnership with PUCPR, research that can bring results that facilitate the achievement of adequate diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Roberto H. HeraiGENETICIST

Our Great Partners

Know some of the businesses which follow us and help build a better society.

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